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Albert Hesse, founder of TISSO Naturprodukte GmbH and his business partner Markus Junge, in collaboration with Dietmar Heimes, managing director of Rayonex Biomedical GmbH, developed the Thyreogym from the idea to the patented end product. Dietmar Heimes has 30 years of experience in the development and manufacture of medical devices, especially bioresonance devices. He also published various books that have since been translated into seven languages. He has also been the director of the Chair for Bioresonance Sciences in Rome since 2018.

Dietmar Heimes

Engineer, Author, Director of the Chair for Bioresonance Sciences

Albert Hesse

Shareholder of
TISSO Naturprodukte GmbH,
Partner of PROVICELL GmbH

Markus Junge

Managing Partner of
TISSO Naturprodukte GmbH,
Managing Partner of


Stagnating fitness, joint pain, stiffness and sleep disorders are not uncommon among athletes. The reason is often that the body has not been able to regenerate sufficiently. Competitive sport and physical strain over prolonged periods of time, especially in combination with work stress, can also be responsible for this. For both amateur and competitive athletes the training success depends to a large extent on the body’s successful regeneration!

Those who don’t regenerate properly suffer from performance degradation and an increased risk of injury.

Competitive sports,
physical strain,
occupational stress
stagnating physical fitness,
joint pain, stiffness
and sleep disorders
performance degradation
and increased risk
of injury
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Thyreogym is an approved and patented device.

It is easy to use and leads to:


  • Faster regeneration
  • Less built-up of lactate
  • A lower heart rate and more energy reserves
  • Weight control



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How it works

The thyroid gland is one of the body’s most important control organs. Using Thyreogym, which is patented, everybody can flexibly and independently shorten the important regeneration phases substantially after intense exercise, enabling them to reach higher training goals more often as well as reducing the risk of injury/injury-related downtimes.

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Project and rights

At the CES 2019 in Las Vegas, Thyreogym was presented for the first time with the new application for athletes (reduction of lactate and increase in performance). On 31 December 2018, the study carried out on competitive  athletes was submitted for peer review to Inderscience Publishers (the review has not yet been completed and the study has not yet been published, which means that the progress of the project and the sales activities may be delayed). Based on this study, another US patent was filed in September 2018, which will be the basis for the worldwide rights protecting Thyreogym.

Status quo: exclusive distribution agreements are currently being negotiated and close to being finalized with partners for Israel, Jordan, Cyprus and Egypt as well as for the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain.

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Grafic "potential users"
Grafic "Main target group: athletes"

An additional market development strategy might be to use alternative target groups/areas of application for Thyreogym. Using Thyreogym for weight reduction and as a wellness application would offer comparable market potential, though it could not be presented here due to the complexity of the subject.

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Scientific evidence and studies

Initially, we wanted to develop a device that would enable anyone to lose weight easily and long-term. The stimulation of the thyroid gland and the associated activation of the metabolism, among other things, accelerates the burning of fat and thus increases the basal metabolic rate. Thus, users can successfully reduce weight by using Thyreogym alone.

To verify the results, a prospective, placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical study was commissioned and published in the journal „Die Naturheilkunde“ in August 2013.

The Professor Stark Institute in Hamburg researched a completely new field of application in a study of competitive athletes.

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Alina Wessel – professional tennis player

After one year of using the Thyreogym, I can look back on a very exciting year as a professional tennis player.

My initial observations and the positive effects I experienced with Thyreogym were consistently confirmed throughout the 20 tournaments I played in the past 12 months, in both the singles and the doubles matches. In all of these tournaments and especially in the exhausting weeks during training I could rely on an improved level of regeneration.

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Foto Svenja Thoes

Svenja Thoes - professional triathlon athlete

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Grafik Thyreogym

Summary of the Dr. med Axel Schussmann study

A prospective, randomised, placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical trial was carried out to obtain clinical data on the effectiveness and safety of Thyreogym.

Thyrogym is a magnetic field therapy device for stimulating the thyroid with the aim of reducing weight. It is manufactured and marketed by Thyreogym GmbH. In a post-market, clinical follow-up study, performed in accordance with MEDDEV 2.12/2 re2, further clinical data was to be obtained to demonstrate the effectiveness and safety of Thyreogym for the purpose defined above.

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Summary of the Professor Stark Institute sports study

Investigation of the influence of stimulation of the thyroid gland by a low-frequency magnetic field and its application in competitive sports.

*** Use of the Thyreogym device in daily training.
Training to influence the metabolic system ***


This study sought to answer the question of whether the use of Thyreogym (non-invasive thyroid stimulation) was shown to have a significant effect on the metabolic system and the rate of regeneration indicated by the measurable heart rate variability and lactate levels.

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Our offer

We are looking for strategic partners and investors to finance and implement the market launch of Thyreogym in Europe, the USA and Asia*.

  • Patented in Europe and the USA
  • FDA approval not required in the USA (wellness device)
  • Scientific studies completed
  • No side effects, non-invasive, no doping
  • Ready for market launch

* Due to the lack of comparable data, it is not possible to quantify the Asian market and a detailed presentation of the market value for Asia has been omitted for the sake of plausibility. The relevance of the Asian market for German products is quite obvious with China being Germany’s largest trading partner in 2018 (import of German goods worth approx. EUR 93 billion*).

*source: https://www.destatis.de/DE/Themen/Wirtschaft/Aussenhandel/ Tabellen/rangfolge-handelspartner.pdf?__blob=publicationFile


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