Testimonial: Alina Wessel – professional tennis player


After one year of using the Thyreogym, I can look back on a very exciting year as a professional tennis player.

My initial observations and the positive effects I experienced with Thyreogym were consistently confirmed throughout the 20 tournaments I played in the past 12 months, in both the singles and the doubles matches. In all of these tournaments and especially in the exhausting weeks during training I could rely on an improved level of regeneration.

And not only that. I was nearly always satisfied with my own level of fitness. I performed consistently well in tough tournaments with many consecutive matches.

Especially in the final weeks I was particularly aware of the positive effect of Thyreogym. Due to a wrist injury my coaches had changed my training plan to increase my fitness both on and off the court. This was a real change for my body.

But I surprised myself because, compared to my previous fitness sessions, there are hardly any days when I am not ready and motivated for new fitness sessions. So far there haven’t even been any minor injuries, such as strains. And so at the moment I think I can safely say that my fitness levels are the best they have ever been in my whole career.

What’s particularly striking is that I‘m not suffering from colds and the like, which until a year ago I was regularly prone to.

So I am convinced that using Thyreogym on a regular basis can have a significant, long-term impact on health and fitness. This is an important aspect in an area of competitive sports where there is less and less between players in terms of quality, and even the smallest of details can be of decisive importance.



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