Effect of Thyreogym

No one human being is like any other and everyone’s body is shaped by their everday habits. Some people stay slim, while others tend to put on weight.

Despite many differences, they all have one thing in common: everyone’s body and their functions are the same. For everyone, the thyroid gland is the central organ for controlling the body’s hormone balance and for the hormonal metabolism. Very few people have a well-balanced metabolism, some tend to underfunction and others to overfunction. Due to its regulating function the thyroid is therefore very important for everyone. The hormones T3 and T4, which are produced by the thyroid gland, have a direct influence on the sugar metabolism, the muscles, the cardiovascular system, the brain, sexual functions, fat metabolism, skin and hair, bone metabolism and blood circulation.

If the thyroid gland is stimulated by the use of Thyreogym and more thyroid hormones are released, athletes can experience a variety of very beneficial effects:
a) reduced risk of injury (functional and structural muscle injuries)
b) minimised states of exhaustion (less susceptibility to infection)
c) the reduction of fatigue (loss of performance)
d) speeding up of regeneration (recovery and healing)
e) increased performance and power reserves (peak power and power availability)

Even for those people who do not push their bodies to their physical limits as athletes do, the use of Thyreogym also has a number of very beneficial effects:
a) regulation of the cardiovascular system (fatigue and exhaustion, nervousness and sleep disorders)
b) stimulation of the fat metabolism (weight regulation)
c) stimulation of sexual functions (improved libido and menstrual cycle)
d) regulation of the brain (more balance and mental performance)



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