Summary of the Professor Stark Institute sports study


Investigation of the influence of stimulation of the thyroid gland by a low-frequency magnetic field and its application in competitive sports.

*** Use of the Thyreogym device in daily training.

Training to influence the metabolic system ***


This study sought to answer the question of whether the use of Thyreogym (non-invasive thyroid stimulation) was shown to have a significant effect on the metabolic system and the rate of regeneration indicated by the measurable heart rate variability and lactate levels.

After a three-week performance check using a conveyor-belt treadmill test, in which the Thyreogym device was worn for eight minutes by the intervention group (Group A = IG) between the 500 metre runs, but not by the control group (Group B = NIG). The study participants were competitive athletes doing such sports as triathlon, athletics, volleyball, hockey, football and handball. Test subjects with hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, infectious diseases, diseases of the immune system or neurological diseases were excluded.


– Stimulation of the thyroid gland by the thyroid had a positive effect on the athlete‘s ability to regenerate.

– Heart rate for the intervention group were 8 to 10 BPM lower during and after the exercise phases.

– The subjects in the intervention group created less lactate during exercise and were better able to break it down during periods of rest.

–  Tests showed reductions from -0.8 mmol to -1.4 mmol per 20 μl capillary blood compared to baseline measurements.



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