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Initially, we wanted to develop a device that would enable anyone to lose weight easily and long-term. The stimulation of the thyroid gland and the associated activation of the metabolism, among other things, accelerates the burning of fat and thus increases the basal metabolic rate. Thus, users can successfully reduce weight by using Thyreogym alone. Investigations on cell cultures have proved the stimulating effect and the medication safety of the application. In an observational study conducted by the company TISSO Naturprodukte (2012) with 41 test candidates, it was successfully proved that Thyreogym supports weight loss. To verify the results, a prospective, placebocontrolled, double-blind clinical study was commissioned and published in the journal „Die Naturheilkunde“ in August 2013. Dr. med. Axel Schussmann carried out the study with 33 overweight participants with a normal thyroid function. This study confirmed our results and gave us objective and scientific evidence of the successful use of Thyreogym for weight reduction. However, in tests conducted with overweight (obese) volunteers, we also found that these individuals often had thyroid nodules.
If the proportion of healthy thyroid tissue is too low, stimulation of the thyroid remains ineffective. Using Thyreogym in sport, on the other hand, offers a decisive advantage. Active sports people do not suffer from obesity and the thyroid diseases associated with it, but do exercise to reduce excess weight or to improve their health. The Professor Stark Institute in Hamburg researched a completely new field of application in a study of competitive athletes.



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